LaLucci is a clothing collection aimed at today’s modern, busy woman.

We cherish the super woman of our times, juggling family life, work and social demands yet still finding the time to care for the health and wellbeing of herself.

LaLucci celebrates and supports this super hero in each of us adding joy to your fitness lifestyle.
We take pride in understanding your needs and have created innovative solutions to make working out more pleasurable, fun & stylish.

Lalucci products are created using the highest quality materials available on the market today.
* Some with UV PROTECTION.
* Unique Supplex prints made specially for us.
* Light Supplex designed to feel like a second skin.
* SIRE which reflects a stylish glow on the print.

We have crossed boundaries to offer you materials that adjust & stretch with your body, ensuring that you can move freely and get the absolute best out of your workout.

Lalucci invites you to Get Jazzy, feel comfortable in your own skin and embrace your inner and outer beauty, whatever your size or age.